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Nursing is the one of the most respected professions in New Zealand and with many other benefits attached. A registered nurses’ professional career gets going as soon as they get their registration in due to shortage of nurses in New Zealand, eligibility assessment for residence applications is given priority by Immigration New Zealand.

Being a Registered Nurse comes with many perks attached, mainly

  • You can start your work as soon as you get registered, upon Accredited Employers
  • Eligibility for straight to PR as nurses are given priority due to the shortage and included in the Green list.
  • High Annual Income - between NZD 57,000 to 90,000 p.a.
  • Family can accompany while you are coming for CAP
  • Practice in the best health settings.
  • High Standard of living and ability to provide your family a safe and welcoming environment to grow up in

In New Zealand, there are various ways by which one can become a registered nurse. Your qualifications and experience are of utmost importance for New Zealand nursing registration. Meeting the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) standards is still the last step, though.

Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) Requirements

Academic Qualification Work experience IELTS OET
Minimum 2500 hours in last 5 years Minimum score of 7 [reading, listening, and speaking] 6.5 [writing] Minimum score of 350 [reading, listening, and speaking] 300 [writing]
In IELTS and OET, clubbing scores are acceptable within one year

1. Credential Verification

Apply to The Credential Verification Service for the Nursing Council of New Zealand (CVS- NCNZ) CGFNS International Inc

We have a dedicated portal in CGFNS New Zealand as an authorised agent. The validity of your employment history, personal identification information, and educational credentials would next be checked by CGFNS International. This procedure establishes that your credentials and work history are real and meet NCNZ regulations.

Once the report is complete, CGFNS New Zealand will forward the same to NCNZ.

2. Registration

After reviewing the report, the NCNZ will decide on your registration. Once these actions are finished, you can apply for your Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

You will receive an email invitation from the Nursing Council of New Zealand inviting you to submit an application within 30 days.

3. NCNZ Application & Approval

Your application will be evaluated with respect to the 7 registration standards by the NCNZ which are as follows:

  • Identity
  • Current Registration
  • English Language
  • Nursing Qualifications (Bachelor's Degree of Nursing or equivalent)
  • Post Registration Experience (minimum 2 years)
  • Fit to Practice
  • Competent to Practice

4. History Check

At this point, you must submit a criminal history check and declare your suitability for registration.

5. APC Application

Once your registration is accepted, you must submit an application for your APC (Annual Practising Certificate). You can now practise nursing in New Zealand thanks to this.

*APCs are given out yearly according to a person's birthdate. Based on your birthday's proximity to the annual renewal date, the renewal price for your account is computed.

Who is required to take them?

CAP Program in New Zealand

The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act of 2003 mandates that registered and enrolled nurses in New Zealand who have been out of the workforce for five years or more must complete a Competence Assessment Programme (CAP) before receiving a practising certificate.

You might need to pass a CAP course if you were registered overseas. If this is necessary, you will be informed by the NCNZ.

If you were registered in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, the USA, or Canada, you might not need to complete a CAP if you moved to New Zealand because the job of a registered nurse and the healthcare environments are similar.

We engage with CAP providers and place our candidates in the appropriate facilities as a New Zealand Registered Company.

Apply for VISA through New Zealand Immigration Advisers

We have two immigration advisers for our New Zealand Immigration support with great VISA success. We provide complete assistance throughout your VISA process.

We have to keep the New Zealand Adviser Logos

New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser -IAA :2018006655

New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser -IAA :201800100

After Successful completion of Visa, we will help our Nurses for

  • Air ticket arrangement
  • Accommodation Arrangement
  • Part time / full time job assistance
  • Family Settlement
  • Residency VISA Support