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Tutel- New Zealand immigration consultants in Kerala, India

Tutel, established in the year 2020, is a New Zealand registered company helping thousands of students and medical professionals pursue their dream of studying and career building in the country. We strongly believe that getting the best education can change people’s lives. Getting to study your dream course in New Zealand not only gives you a good education but you can as well enjoy life in New Zealand at its best.

We have established strong relationships with our agents and partners who can help the students choose their desired field. We make the process of getting to your goal easy with our team of New Zealand immigration consultants in India who can help you through every process of immigration.

We strive day-by-day to bring our best services to you from education to migration so that you can set your time and focus on what is important apart from the hassles of moving to the country. If you are from Kerala, our New Zealand immigration consultants in Kerala can assist you in your migration process right from the scratch to starting your studies/career. Our services are meant to satisfy your needs. We are transparent about what we do and always deliver you what you really want.

Our Services

  • New Zealand Nursing Council Registration & APC (Annual Practicing certificate)

    Nurses with international qualifications who adhere to Nursing Council criteria may submit an application to register to practise in New Zealand. Our New Zealand consultant team can help you with this.

  • Competency Assessment Program (CAP) Admissions from New Zealand Colleges

    CAP enables nurses to meet competence requirements of NCNZ (Nursing Council of New Zealand). Graduating students are eligible to apply to the Nursing Council of New Zealand for a New Zealand Registered Nurse Practising Certificate, which allows them to work in all healthcare environments.

  • New Zealand University/College & Course Selection

    We can help you select the right course in the right college that meets your requirements.

  • RN Job Assistance in New Zealand

    If you are a registered nurse, we can provide job assistance for you in New Zealand.

  • VISA Application Process through an Immigration Lawyer

    Our team of New Zealand immigration consultants in India can get you a work or education visa without hurdles as long as you meet the criterias.

  • Pre-Departure and Post-Arrival Assistance

    New country and new life to adapt. But don't worry, we provide you complete pre-departure and post-arrival assistance so that you don't feel left alone in a new place.

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About clients

About us - The people behind Tutel

Meet the people behind Tutel’s success story! We have gone through crests and troughs of running a business and finally made it happen for you. The road was not easy but nothing is impossible after all. Hard work, determination, plans, and progress from our team brought you the Tutel you see now. Presenting you team Tutel;


Christopher Benison

Founder & CEO


Blessy Baby

Academic Director & Research Innovations


Binu Kurian

General Manager - Kerala


Hari Shankar

Business Development Officer


Reshma Ravindran

HR Operations


Deepu A R

Head of Graphics design